Things happened after Christmas Eve, Bushfires were lit around Sydney and they spread quite close to us:

I'm dreaming of a black christmas....

While taking this Santa-shoot, the occasional ash-bits were falling from the sky, just like the leaf in Forest Gump.

Smoke seen from my bedroom window

Smoke seen from my bedroom window 2

For a couple of days, the smoke covered half the sky over Newcastle.

The record-shop Iv been managing for the last two weeks (won't continue here, since I go away soon, sailing the Whitsundays/Great Barrier Reef again)
Met Rachel and went for a beach (same as top pic)
Stranded Blowfish(?)
Stranded Blowfish with a view
Then we went to some kind of a Zoo lookalike and met this baby Kangaroo...
.... a sleeping/doped Koala..

....with family..

Can U find the three of them? (two on the pic above)

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